// For all of those who have been asking: Once upon a time, 2 weeks ago, a girl named Joanna got sick of the pieces of hair that stick straight off the side of her head, no matter what she does to flatten them. So at 2:00am, she got rid of them… Realizing that having only one piece of hair missing looked odd, she shrugged and said to herself, “who cares, might as well finish what I’ve started.” and proceeded to give herself a sidecut/undercut of sorts. Having part of your hair pretty much shaved off is a great way to start junior year of college, right? The end //
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Hi we are Neck Deep and we are super serious about life and stuff so we sit on benches and look tough so you understand what it is to be real in this world
my life
"Reason #763 why I’m un-datable:
I enjoy cuddling with small fluffy animals more than any person, any day. I might like to hold hands, but if I see a puppy, I’m gone yo."
"Good Times Last Forever I’ll Keep My Heart With Yours, For Every Minute I Am Gone"
Amber Pacific  (via thedeepest)
// #tbt sister hangs at the beach // 
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I just want to create art and music and live in a valley with a enormous view of the green and blue mountains. I want to wake up every morning to taste the crisp, clean wild air and run barefoot through fields of flowers where deer and fox roam and birds of every type decorate the trees. Blue skies and crazy, vibrant sunsets that fade into clear, bright star-filled nights. Where I can be as loud and wild as I want. No walls or crowds surrounding me. Just the beautiful unknown, rolling out before me as far as the eye can see. Free of stress, of cities, of drama, of limits, of fear, and everything else that swallows me up on a daily basis. I want to be where it is just me and my Creator… to be in His presence without distraction, surrounded by all the lovely creation He has made. Sunsets make me cry for joy, the way light hits puddles and raindrops after a storm mesmerizes me, every bird’s individual song astounds me, the gentle branches of willow trees and the way they move in the wind makes me feel peaceful inside. This is not simply what some kids hashtag “wanderlust”… This is much more than a curiosity. It is a deep-rooted drive within me. Not just to explore - but to capture every moment and thank God for it. To see more of what He put on this earth. People ask me what I want to do after school. Honestly, I don’t know. I will walk through whatever door the Lord opens for me. And I will go with the same intensity that I put into my artwork and my love for nature and music. I create art and music because I love the Lord and the wonderful things He has made. I just want to glorify Him. Junior year is here, and I mean to make the most of it. This is my mindset for this year.

…With that end vision of one day living in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by more colors than I can name.

// downtown White Hart coffee hangs with Meighan today //
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